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Session Header

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Learning & Development Summit | Agenda

Day One  |  Tuesday, 17 October 

Exhibition Hall


Registration & Morning Refreshments


Welcome to Country

Aunty Janet Galpin, Boon Wurrung Elder

Learning & Development


Chairperson’s Opening Address

Ellie Whitton, Head of People & Culture, NEXTDC

Learning & Development


Keynote: The Future of Work - Getting the Culture Right

  • The future of work is not just about remote teams, automation, or new tech—it's about culture. As we move into an increasingly complex and fast-paced business landscape, getting the culture right has never been more critical. In this keynote, international speaker, Steve Simpson will cut through the jargon to introduce you to his game-changing concept of UGRs (Unwritten Ground Rules). Forget what's written in company manuals or displayed in mission statements. UGRs are the hidden drivers; the real-life pulse of your workplace culture. They define how work actually gets done and how people truly interact. Discover practical strategies to decode, leverage, and, if necessary, reset your organisation's UGRs to align with future success.

Steve Simpson, Director, Keystone Management Services

Learning & Development


Panel Discussion: Leveraging HR technology to develop and generate personalised, fit-for-purpose learning development solutions 

  • Effectively harnessing data to produce valuable insights around skill gaps within the organisation 

  • Using workforce analytics to identify skill trends across the organisation which lead to more informed decisions around L&D

  • How AI can be used to personalise learning experience

  • Adapting L&D strategies to Future of Work trends through leveraging large data and engaging in trend analysis

Moderator: Adam McKinnon, People Data and Analytics Leader, Reece Group

Liam Yao, L&D consultant, Uniting

Lynita Halaska, Capability Lead, Lion

Paul Scott, General Manager, LMS365 Australia and New Zealand

Learning & Development


Speed Networking

Exhibition Hall


Morning Tea

Learning & Development


Overcoming scrap learning by implementing strategic metrics in L&D programs

  • Understand the role of strategic metrics to build highly impactful and engaging learning programs

  • Utilise strategic metrics to build transparency and accountability for business outcomes with stakeholders

  • Demonstrate L&D’s impact on business goals 

  • Generate strategic metrics to use in your organisation

Marie Daniels, APAC Associate Director for Learning and Development, Alcon

Learning & Development


Interactive Breakout Discussions

Delegates will participate in both sessions. Each session will run for 30 minutes.

Breakout A: Driving engagement through virtual learning platforms for the hybrid workforce

Compliance Training Really Matters – Here’s Why.

Non-compliance cost the four big banks in Australia over $1.5bn in FY19. This reflects the impact of not having advisers properly trained and certified. Every organisation needs to ensure their employees know what is expected of them regarding standards and certifications. We’ll explore compliance risks and issues and identify some takeaways to ensure your organisation can manage compliance effectively.

Paul Scott, General Manager, LMS365 Australia and New Zealand

Breakout B: Integrating a LMS to evaluate the effectiveness of L&D programs

Chris Dwyer, Learning Systems Manager, Specsavers Australia & New Zealand

Exhibition Hall


Networking Lunch (Learning & Development Summit)

Learning & Development



Learning & Development


Case Study: Investing in the next generation of leaders

  • Implementing a leadership development approach to enable a future-ready workforce 

  • Accelerating and scaling the development of priority leadership skills 

  • Shifting the management mindset to a more leader-led coaching style

Jami-lee Apelila, Learning Business Partner, Global Operations Leadership Development, Amazon

Learning & Development


Keynote Panel: How can L&D teams adapt to the new leadership climate?

  • Implementing best practices and new approaches to leadership

  • Strategise how to overcome challenges including limited resources, and resistance to change

  • Learn how to measure and track the effectiveness of leadership development initiatives

  • The role of emerging technologies in shaping the future of leadership development

Moderator: Simone Blumberg, Chief People Officer, Vision Australia

Jane Hollman, Chief People and Culture Officer, Australian Red Cross

Natasha Teychenne, Head of People and Culture, Property Council of Australia

Exhibition Hall


Afternoon Tea

Learning & Development


Interactive Mini Workshop: The Role of AI in Modern Learning

  • Become an AI-enabled learning professional, who is curious and ready for a rapidly evolving AI future

  • Understand use cases for AI in workplace learning, from learning design, to personalization, assessment, content curation and performance analytics

  • Delve into the role of AI for behind-the-scenes learning processes, including enrolment optimization, at risk identification and intervention

  • Discover AI tools and platforms to consider and workshop use cases specific to your organisational needs

Dr Nora Koslowski, Chief Learning Innovation Officer, Melbourne Business School

Learning & Development


Chairperson’s Closing Address

Ellie Whitton, Head of People & Culture, NEXTDC

Exhibition Hall


Networking Drinks

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